Welcome to Spotlight the World

Here is a short demonstration reel to show how the TV show will look, with celebrity interviews (including Clint Eastwood) and other Oscar winning film-makers, with our host Dina Eastwood.

Spotlight explores the world in search of positive, human-interest stories that can tap into our shared humanity.

With the help of passionate celebrities, filmmakers, artists and statesmen we start our travels in Africa, ‘the cradle of humanity’, to highlight stories of success against all the odds to inspire others to greatness. We also invite the audience to submit their stories in a competition ‘Spotlight On You’.

In tandem with the TV show is the ‘Festival Event Tour’, which is a tour of US colleges featuring content from the series along with workshops, question and answer sessions, film screenings, a concert and networking receptions throughout the day, which is funded by a Not For Profit Organisation at no cost to the DI Fund.